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I need a flash teacher?

2010-10-30 13:28:41 by surethingyea

Hey, I've got a question for all of you :]
It seems to be that I can't handle flash at all it's still kinda hard for me.
could anyone maybe help me with flash cs4? I would be very grateful


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2010-10-30 13:44:42

I could help you to some extent with the basic use of the program, but when it comes to scripting I'm only good for AS2.0.

surethingyea responds:

ah, the basic's could be a great start for me
do you have any kind of chat program like... msn?


2010-10-30 17:17:13

Don't have CS4,but I do know a lot of actionscript 3.I might be able to help.

surethingyea responds:

no thanks, I do realy want to know much about the animating part of cs4,
but I apriciate youre help :]